Michael McGuire

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Digital Signal Processing Group
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Victoria

My Teaching Page

I am currently teaching ELEC 360, Control Theory and Systems I. I have, in the past, taught ELEC 400/504: Random Signals, and ELEC 407: Digital Signal Processing II, and ELEC 450, Communications Theory and Systems II.

The information for the courses I am presently teaching, ELEC 310 and ELEC 407, are available from UVic's Moodle website: Moodle. The website for each course is given below:

All student accessible information for ELEC 360 is available from the Blackboard webpage. This page is available here: Blackboard . You will need to log on using your Netlink id. If your are enrolled in this course, "200909 ELEC 360 A01-A02" should appear in your course list.

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